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Check back for the floor plan and updated information! Vendors can now download applications. Please contact Waynette Anderson at Waynette@sponsorhounds.com or Kimberly Billings at Kimberly@sponsorhounds.com or by calling the office at 540-206-2414. Thank you!

Floorplan coming soon!

Fill out the vendor contract using the link below and submit it with the “submit” button at the bottom of the contract. If you have trouble downloading the contract please give us a call at 540-206-2414 and we will fax or email you a copy.

Please make sure the contract is completely filled out and that you list the products you sell in a very specific way.

Download Contract

Prepare yourself for an awesome event! Please contact your insurance company about our insurance requirements listed on the contract.

We will give you a call if we have any questions about the products or services you’ve listed on the form. We will also be in touch with specific load-in information and times. Load-in information will be sent via email about two weeks in advance of the event so make sure you check your email.

Participating in the swap meet? See the contract below.

Swap Meet Contract